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These toys are Draggon's Lair Exclusives.  Originally designed and created by Draggon's Lair staff.  You'll love these.
Spiked Draggon's Tounge  - 2 draggon

One "lick" from this toy and you will know why this is my best selling toy!! Originally commisioned as a direct impact toy for the clit, this toy has been known to be played all over the body including CBT. It has small teeth on one side to bring the intensity up several levels.
Double Trident  - 4.5 draggon

If you are looking for intense sensory input, this is the toy for you. You control the sensation it produces depending on how you angle the toy and the strength of the hit.
Double Viper  - 4 draggon

Double the pleasure, the fun, or double the pain. The additional strip of rubber only confirms the impact of the first leaving a very pretty raised pattern precisely matching the toy.